example of marketing plan

4 examples of a marketing plan

In today’s, blog post I will talk about a few examples of marketing plan that you can for you to model.

First, you need a product to sell and structure on how to sell it and most importantly why you have included the products inside.

I will include my example of marketing plan below also include products and why I chose these.

  1. Pure Leverage marketing system, that includes an autoresponder, blog, capture pages and video hosting and webinar conferencing room.
  2. My Paying ads, this is the place where we are going to purchase our traffic to advertise our Pure Leverage squeeze page we create easily inside the above system.
  3. Get my ads also a traffic system that we will advertise our squeeze page on.
  4. As people go further down your funnel you can include other programs like I have Four Corners etc. On this stage, it is also good to include a higher commission product.

example of marketing plan

The most important thing when you are creating a marketing plan is to find out how you and the people you refer to your business to get setup quickly and start on their marketing budget.

The marketing budget should go towards paid advertising where people in your industry would go. This is because then you can with a click of a button get 200 plus clicks to your website .

If you click here you will see a example of the start of a simple funnel ..

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