What a couple of months this has been I wanted to do this review for a while so I hope you like The Advert Platform review.

We all know by now that my advertising pays decided to change names to The Advert Platform. In my opinion The Advert Platform is a more professional name.

Before you had to click 10 ads to get a share of the revenue. Now as the first of the advertising exchange sites that share their revenue with their members have decided to include social media in their daily activities to get a share of the revenue.

What are the daily activities you need to do to get a share of The Advert Platform revenue?

Instead of clicking on 10 ads daily you now need to do 12 daily activities to qualify for 100 % share.

The activities are:

  • 3 Clicks on the Traffic Exchange the same as before.
  • 3 Facebook Shares of an advert placed on the TAP platform
  • 3 Twitter posts of an advert placed on the TAP platform
  • 3 Links to an advert on TAP inserted into a Blog or Website

If you only click on 3 Traffic Exchange ads, then you only qualify for 25 % revenue share. If you choose do the others you will get 25 % for 3 Facebook shares and so on.

When you have done all 12 actions you will be qualified for 100 % of the revenue share.

Everyone will get a chance to create the social accounts in 30 days after launch the 3rd of January. I30 days after launch on the 2nd of February. Reason, for it will give everyone a chance to get their accounts set up.

The Advert Platform review of Products ?

I am not 100 % sure but i`m sure they will have the same if not more fun things as The profit share is 10 % and the referral commission will be 10 %.

As you might know the ad packs used to cost 49.99. In the Advert Platform they have decided to charge 25 eur for the ad packs that will mature on 27.50 I’m not sure exactly on the time frame but remember they mature as sales do. No sales no revenue share.

the advert platform review

Will The Advert Platform have games like the wheel spin?

They will have a new postcode lottery game that will be completely free and you can have a chance to win 100 Euro every day if it is not claimed it will roll over to the next day.

The Wheel of Fortune will also be there also Free to play.

There will also be Online Training for all to use so it will be easy accessible to everyone.

And a forum will be available to the members to ask questions etc.

There will also be a app available and this should be easy to use on your phone.

Remember that as the income disclosure states shown on the website no earnings are guaranteed in the advert platform review.

In an all-over review of the advert platform i`m sure it will be a more professional Advertising Platform. The launch isn’t before 3rd January but if you want to purchase traffic now the ad packs and traffic you might purchase will be transferred to The Advert Platform upon launch. . Enjoy I’m excited to see the advert platform in the new year.

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