In this Condominium coin review I will go over exactly what the coin is all about. Condominium is a coin that is based on the proof of stake protocol and they reward their masternodes guarantors of their network. Their currency will let the users book travelling packages around the globe with maximum privacy guarentee

The real condominium coin review ?

If you download their Condominium wallet and purchase coins on an exchange you will be able to earn stake coins by holding the coins in your wallet or by using the required amount of coins for a masternode.

A masternode is a way to mine Condominium coins without high electricity bills, you usually create a masternode through a vps server. You will have to do some coding and you will earn a number of coins each day as a reward for having a masternode. If you need help setting it up I know a coder that takes care of it for me.

They offer staking rewards for holding coins in your wallet and this is based on the network difficulaty at any time this can vary allot.

If you deside to setup a masternode you will be rewarded 90 % block payout reward. You can at any time sell the coins at one of the exchanges you can buy the coins at.

Where can you buy the condominium coins?

I bought my coins at cryptopia but there are several other places you can buy the coins. But I suggest Cryptopia because it is a easy site to use.

Other places where you can purchase coins are:

And in 2019 they are launching their travel site or maybe before I hope. You can read the two whitepapers #1 and #2 at their website. All in all I really think Condominium coin has a very bright future and I look forward to seeing more from them in the near future.


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