Hi there,

I remember a long time ago I joined one of my first network marketing businesses. It was around $50 a/month, I was not interested in using more money on paid traffic so I searched the net for free advertising methods. I found blogging and I started to blog like bullet on steroids lol.

I started to acquire around 200-300 visitor’s daily I kept on blogging and at this point I bought my first high ticket Seo course to try my best to get more visitors it worked for 3 weeks.

I thought it was great because I had now around 400 visitors so it went up around 100+ a day I was a very happy camper.




3 weeks later guess what happened?

I suddenly noticed my blog had decreased in daily visitors I now had around 125 visitors a day and many of my keywords were not ranking anymore and it just kept on decreasing every single day.

My site had been slapped by google.

Whatever I did I did not get any more visitors and I very unhappy about what happened. I tried every single day to get the site in good condition again but 3 months later I thought I would just by a new domain and start over I did this for over 2 years with little to zero results.







At this point I was really depressed and my girlfriend was pregnant with our first son and I thought I really needed to get this online business into profit or else I would lose them both. My girlfriend was mad and said I was more in love with my laptop then her.

Now I said enough is enough and 6 months later I joined a new one pass 2 years in and when my son was 2 years old I had my first 12k profit online and guess what I used the money I earlier used on crappy courses on something called solo ads. I could buy a 100 click solo ad and get a 30-50 % conversion so on 100 clicks I got around 20 -30 leads.

So, this is why I have kept on asking you to take a closer look at The Simple Plan including Fan Page System the marketing system where You will build your list (Free to join 500 subscribers) and Future Ad Pro the traffic source where we can get rewarded to advertise our Fan Page System to build a nice marketing budget. Get started today and join both Fan Page System and Future Ad Pro today. When you have joined both make sure you join our Facebook group here.

I now hope you understand why I have these two included

Have a great day and ask any question you might have in our Facebook group.

Your coach,

Anders Dakin


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